About Janice

IMG_8250Welcome! Words and pictures will express how glad I am that you are here! I’m a single mother of two adult children. Teenage Pregnancy in the early 1990’s skyrocketed not just here in my home state of Kentucky; but across the United States. I contributed to those rising statistics giving birth to my first child Shannon in 1991 at the age of 16.

All praise is due to a higher-power who has guided and continues to guide me each and every day. My faith has grown abundantly because I trust and believe that my survival, everything I’ve gone through had and still has GOD written all over it. I feel I have a calling to help women like myself. Women who where scratched off the list, left for dead, stranded, the uninvited. We’ve made it this far, life is beautiful. Let’s maximize are lives and live life to the fullest from this moment forward.

I like to travel as far as my income will take me; whether it be by foot, automobile, plane, train, or ship. I like experiencing new cultures and cuisines. I like to exercise and would love to take a class, two or more to learn about holistic healing. I’m a lover of the Arts. I enjoy museums, Art Galleries, Art Festivals,  Botanical Gardens, Coffee shops, Tea houses, Bookstores and History. I like wine, music, dancing to my own beat and listening to people that inspire me.

Speaking of inspirational people, Shonda Rhimes who we all know as the awesome writer of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal delivered a Commencement Speech at her Alma Mater Dartmouth University an Ivy League school in Hanover, New Hampshire on June 8, 2014 although it was years after that I actually listened to it, it has inspired me to say the following to you today: 

We are no longer Teenage mothers; but will forever be a work in progress. We are women of the world; who have given so much of ourselves for the sake of others; each and every one of us have a responsibility to become women worthy of joining and contributing to society. 

Thanks for joining me along for this journey.


Shannon 26, Dwayne 21