I’m a habitual thinker and an Introvert. Together I have a natural instinct to write. If you call me a “Thinktrovert” it’s okay. In fact, I write a whole lot better than holding a conversation anyway.

Receiving four blank journals from 4 different people as a gift for the same birthday last year, inspired me to finally commit to my blog after having it for over a year. Journaling is something that I’ve done since grade school. I hadn’t always had the beautiful bounds or; gold leaf pages either. In my younger years it sometimes meant writing on the colorful pages of my fathers Sports Illustrated magazines, my mothers JET magazines; or the Courier Journal Newspaper.

So if I received four new journals why blog now you may ask? Good question. These days I’m single and alone for the first time since the age of 16. Both my children are officially grown and have left home. My youngest is twenty-one and the oldest will turn twenty seven in September she’s been gone since the age of 18. The entire twenty seven years from then till now has felt like eternity because my whole life has always revolved around them. This is a major shift, a transition for me worth blogging about.

My blog is a reflection of my thoughts with bits of my imagination sprinkled throughout. What will fuel my blog is me pushing myself to get out and socialize, travel, meet new people and try new things. I am here to show self expression, to grow and learn more about the world that I left behind so many years ago.

I’m excited about my blog because I have a lot more patience now. A little over a year ago I wanted my blog to magically happen. I wanted everything to be perfect immediately; and because it wasn’t I became discouraged. Now that I have time, and a lot of it these days, my only concern is blogging too much causing me to burn out.

With that being said, I will pace myself and try to commit to blogging at least twice a week. Then again, I know how I can get when I’m excited about something, so if my thoughts come rushing in I will blog three times a week; but four times a week will be my max, for sure.

Birthday gifts Dec. 2017





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