“OkaynowGo” is a term meant to be spoken fast. Fast as if you’re not even interested in whatever else that follows the want or need. For example, I need to go to the grocery store “OkaynowGo” or; I sure would like to take a trip to Chicago, “OkaynowGo” simple as that.

I tell myself OkaynowGo before the invasion of the buts. I’m still new to this so everyday is a challenge that allows me to push myself to go or; do anything that’ll get me out of my comfort zone. Going anywhere and doing whatever puts a  smile on my face and leaves me loving life even more.

Here are some ways over the years that but reared it’s ugly behind in my life, that many can probably relate to:

I should go; 

but… I don’t have anything to wear

but… I’ve gained weight

but… I’ll be the only one without a date

but… everyone will look at me

but… I’ll be the only black woman there

but… ? cancelled at the last minute

but… I don’t want to go by myself

but… I don’t have a ride

but… It’s an all white affair and my dress is Ivory

but… what about my hair

but… what if he’s there

So with all this being said, OkaynowGo and leave the but behind; right where it was made to be! Lol

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